Monday, 13 June 2016

Meadow Walking Picking and Printing

I feel so privileged to have been invited to work alongside Tom Lord in his stunningly beautiful meadows at Lower Winskill near Settle in the Yorkshire Dales. The meadows at Lower Winskill are a nationally rare habitat, rich in wild flowers and insects, especially butterflies and bumblebees. The hay meadows are recorded in late sixteenth century documents when they belonged to three smaller farms.

 The day started with Tom walking and talking participants around the meadow. A qualified historian and an acclaimed landscape historian and archaeologist, Tom will described the history of the farm and explain how the different ways of managing the land, affect the plants and animals that live there. He is passionate about the land he farms and finding alternative and sustainable solutions to its management.
The meadows were in their yellow stage before they turn to blues and purples later in the summer and with the later rain showers holding off we were able to see them in their glory. 

After walking and picking I delivered workshop introducing the principal methods of mono printing from nature - everyone worked so hard and with such wonderful source material some beautiful prints were made.
 I came home with rich pickings which I am looking forward to using in a body of work.

Thanks go to France-Leigh Hadrysiak at Chrysalis Arts for organising this NYOS Studios event

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