Saturday, 27 May 2017

Printing - Bringing the Outside In

Loving the speeded up drying time in my studio curtesy of a few days of beautiful summer temperatures - these Woodland Ash prints, freshly made are full of sunshine! Each print has been made with love and care directly using ash leaves gathered from woodland walks in Yorkshire.

Working directly with plants I create unique monotypes - each piece is a one off! Each colour mix is made directly on the printing plate and again is unique in its mix. Working in this way connects me to nature and grounds me

These prints have been made using early in the year ash leaves - tiny and fresh. I collect leaves over time whilst walking and do not take more than a couple of leaves from any one tree. The leaves are then pressed in flower presses until I am ready to print with them. The process is long and slow but very rewarding. 

They are all printed on a full size sheet of A2+ Fabriano 220gsm Rosapina Printing Paper.

All of the above prints are available from my online shop 

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